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A New Approach to Empowerment

Not everyone has the same circumstances, but everyone has the same opportunity to choose their own path.

We provide age relatable role models to teach a 32 week coaching program for 16-24 year olds to improve self-efficacy, well-being and career preparation for upward economic mobility.

What We Offer

Full Service Partnership

We partner with schools and organizations to deliver a high-quality, effective life coaching and career preparation program.


We utilize two certified and age relatable (18-30) instructors to teach our program within your school or organization.

Sustainable Impact

Our program yields long lasting positive social emotional outcomes and economic impacts.

The Problem


The decline in social mobility for low-income families over the last 30 years.


The average annual pay of young adults (25-34) with only a high school degree.


The amount of high school students that do not feel positive about their college or career readiness.


The dropout rate of low-income students in Colorado.

Our Solution

The Alternative Roadmap works to redefine the way students learn in a classroom. We are a 32 week, 32 hour program that partners directly with schools and organizations to provide a life coaching, soft skills and career preparation program. Our model incorporates a socratic classroom and “cafe setting” which is highlighted by our three pillars (Mindset, Vision and Action) to build a practical foundation for youth and young adults between the ages of 16-24 years old. The classes are lead by two of our trained, age proxemic (18-30 years old) Navigators, under the supervision of an experienced teacher or administrator, which results in a change of pace class for students trying to understand how to choose their own path. The class can be offered independently or incorporated into an active class.

Program Description: To promote a student’s growth in three areas: Social/Emotional, Academic, and Professional. The program instills instrumental character qualities, thereby allowing for personal discovery and growth. In addition, it incubates the student’s positive thought process and future trajectory. During the classes, each student will ascertain a vivid image of an autonomous lifestyle and the practical skills to live and think independently. By the conclusion of the program, every student should have the competence to be a self-directed learner, a capable communicator, and a more qualified individual.


How are you thinking?

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Mindset Our first building block in our Trifecta. Without a clear mindset, you cannot execute what you need for long-term success. Everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want. Most young people are confused and insecure, which leads to a clouded mind. With the prevalence of strong social norms in all of our lives it can be difficult to know what to believe in. We empower our Roadmappers by having them understand their own mindset and that they are the only ones that can control it. Your mindset is your reality.


Can you picture it?

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Vision After you understand your mindset, you can create a vision. Most individuals do not have a vision, especially ones that have a lot of variability in their lives. To get these individuals to understand that they can be successful, we have them create a vision. We help them create this by helping them discover their passions and skill sets. After that, we teach them how to create short and long-term goals to attain their vision.


Will you do it?

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Action This is our last and most important part of our Trifecta. Without action, there is no result. The single largest problem whenever anyone wants to make a change is the lack of action. We teach our Roadmappers how to take baby steps when taking action. It is scary at times to take action because of the risk involved. Risk and failure are issues that we teach our Roadmappers to understand and overcome.

The Impact


Our class rating given to us by Roadmappers

Roadmappers have participated in the class


of Roadmappers know what career they want to pursue

average interviews a Roadmapper has while in the program


average increase in self-efficacy for every Roadmapper


average increase in well-being for every Roadmapper

What others have to say

The Alternative Roadmap has been incredible for student engagement. This class has been able to get many of our less engaging students to participate. The energy that this program brings on a daily basis has not only changed the outlook of our students, but it has changed the energy of the school.

Tom Sweeney

Principal, SEEO (School of Extended Educational Options)

With lessons in risk assessment, time management, and positive association, The Alternative Roadmap helped the students of our dropout prevention program find new ways to see responsibility to reach their short and long term goals.

Pete Nguyen

Outreach Specialist/Apex Credit Recovery Trainer, Western High School ILC

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